The Band


The Stone Cold Roosters are a group of Vermont musicians who have been getting together semi-regularly for 12 years to make music and make each other laugh, not always in that order. In a live show you might hear honky tonk, swamp funk, old blues and rock and roll. We have three critically acclaimed CDs to our name. Our original tunes draw from the aforementioned sources but will occasionally display an eerie, post-modern sensibility. We’re not sure if the latter is true but it sounds vaguely interesting.

We are available for all kinds of musical events, including weddings, clubs, outdoor venues and corporate events, essentially any situation that would benefit from a lively, dance-oriented take on American roots music.

7 Roosters


From left to right, the Roosters are Ted Mortimer, Chuck Eller, Jim Pitman, Colin McCaffrey, Roy Cutler, Thal Aylward and Casey Dennis.  

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