Roosters on Church St.!!

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Nov 022015

The Stone Cold Roosters will play at Red Square this Friday night, 11/6 from 7-11.  Mayhem of some unregulated sort will certainly ensue.  Various musics from the American continent will emerge and cause people to stomp their feets and bob their heads.  Better this then being attacked by vicious thug rooster as pictured below.

Rooster attacks female

Rooster attacks male

Rooster sitting on kid

Roosters at Windsor Station

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Oct 242015

Tonight, Oct.24th, the Roosters will be playing for the first time at Windsor Station in beautiful Windsor, VT.  Music starts at 9:30.  We have it from reasonably reliable sources that this is a fun spot where drinking and dancing are encouraged.  How about a last minute night out?


On Tapping with the Roosters

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Sep 132015

This Saturday, 9/19, the Roosters will be at On Tap Bar and Grill in Essex Junction.  We’ll be there in full regalia with Colin McCaffrey, Ted Mortimer, Thal Aylward, Jim Pitman, Casey Dennis, Chuck Eller, and Roy Cutler.  It will be a night of Americana ranging from country, swing, rock-a-billy, swamp funk, and boogie-woogie.  Bring your dancing shoes and a thirst.


Roosters in Waterbury

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Aug 122015

Hey All!  The Roosters will be playing an outdoor concert in Waterbury this Thursday, August 13th, from 6:30-8:30 at Rusty Parker Memorial Park, right in the center of Waterbury.  Come early for a terrific farmer’s market and craft show and stay for a couple of hours of what we do best; drink beer.   No, no, play music.  Really.   Hope to see you there.

Roosters at Sweet Melissa’s

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Jul 162015

Montpelier, here we come.  We’re looking forward to an evening of music in the Capitol city this Friday, July 17.  Despite its centrality for the far flung Rooster organization, we’ve only played in Montpelier a couple of times in these many years.  Happy to be in this great venue for a night.  We’ve got 6 new originals that we’re going to trot out for the first time and damn, if they ain’t fun.  The music starts at 9:00.   Hope to see you there.


Roosters in the House

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May 222015

At the Skunk Hollow Tavern in Hartland Four Corners. The Roosters take over their favorite coop this Friday, May 22nd from 9-12. It’s like having roosters in your living room. The food is great and after the dinner hour they push the tables out and the bopping begins. With Colin J. McCaffrey​, Ted Mortimer​, Jim Pitman​, Thal Aylward​, Casey Dennis​ and Roy Cutler​. Let’s have some fun.

Rooster Living Room 1

When Roosters Attack!

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Apr 272015

attack (1)

Chittenden County, we urge you to make adequate preparations! The Stone Cold Roosters will be appearing at Red Square on Friday, May 1st, and will return to wreak further musical havoc at On Tap in Essex Jct on Saturday, May 9th! Board up the windows, stock up on batteries, fill your bathtubs, and hide the booze!

We hope to see some of our northern Vermont fans and buds at these fine establishments. We are primed for a summer full of great gigs.

Salt Hill This Saturday!

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May 192014

​The Stone Cold Roosters will be spicing things up at Salt Hill Pub this Saturday, May 24th in Lebanon, NH. Shake it, baby!

Sweet Melissa’s was sweet!!

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Apr 262014

We had so much fun last night at Sweet Melissa’s. Enormous thanks to Jason and Melissa for all that they do for music in the state. And thanks to ALL the folks who came out. Looking forward to the next time.

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